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WEIRDO NOIR Gothic And Dark Lowbrow Art

Like a corpse in a zombie movie, the Goth movement has been resuscitated -- stronger, more powerful, and more contagious than ever before. From fashion to music, Goth influences have crept into every area of pop culture, and nowhere is that influence creepier, more fascinating, and more playful than in the art world. Weirdo Noir is the follow-up volume to Weirdo Deluxe, the book that brought the once underground Low Brow art scene to prominence in the public eye. In these pages you'll find the latest and greatest work from thirty Low Brow arists who have embraced the dark side, employing gothic themes in their art. Spooky and witty, Weirdo Noiris destined to become a classic of the millennial Goth aesthetic.

“To anyone who wants a visual tour de force that also provides depth of insight into this movement, this is the one to get. ” - Monte Beauchamp, creator of BLAB!

Weirdo Noir presents an articulate lineage of the romantic, gothic, lowbrow narrative forces in literature, television, and film that inspired the hi-def visions of these contemporary painters. It's a must-read for aspiring surrealists. ” - Meg Linton