The Sophisticated Misfit The Art and World of Shag DVD

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“The Sophisticated Misfit” is a long-awaited must-have for fans of the art of Shag. The 65 minute documentary traces the artist’s roots growing up in Hawaii, his artistic journey in college, his early work designing album covers, to his modern day role as an art-world phenom. In addition to exclusive footage of Shag painting in his home studio, the film features intimate interviews with the artist, his family, artistic influences, tiki-files, celebrity collectors and fans.

Special features include a demonstration by Shag’s silk-screener of the creation of the “Well Hung” print, and a tour of fellow Orange County artist and Shag collaborator Paul Frank’s workshop. With a soundtrack featuring the music of the Dynatones, Clouseaux, and Shag’s former band, the Tiki Tones, “The Sophisticated Misfit” would be a welcome addition to every Shag fan’s collection.