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Mike Giant MUERTE Book

by Mike Giant

96 pages

ISBN-10: 8888493190

ISBN-13: 9788888493190

Publisher: Drago

Mike Giant’s signature black ink graphics mix tattoo styles, Mexican folk art and Japanese illustration, and are unmistakable on concrete, paper or skin. The ladies are buxom bong-hitters or multi-limbed Indian goddesses, and the gentlemen carry spray cans or have flames coming out of their heads. According to Juxtapoz editor Matt Revelli, Giant “has the rare ability to create technical and precise drawings, but also show depth and soul in everything he does. Most precision based artists lack the human side in their work, and it can end up stale, but Mike is able to execute on a whole different level.” Born in New York and currently based in Albuquerque, Mike Giant, a graffiti and tattoo artist, is also the design mind behind clothing line REBEL8, and has shown his artwork in San Francisco, Los Angeles,Toronto, Vancouver and many other international venues. He is the author of Pagina Vilot, Shim Rot, Flood Bart, Dairy Hicks, the Skulls Press Compendium and the monograph Giant. Two-color (blue and black on white).