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Paint your own lowrider just the way you like it! Impalas, Cadillacs and Rivieras. In the Lowrider Coloring Book, you will color the classic and most popular Lowrider models. Lowrider culture reaches back to 1930s Los Angeles, where it became popular for style-conscious Latino-Americans to load their cars with sandbags to bring it closer to the road. Style was everything, and when lowered cars were banned in California in the 1950s, it became necessary to find a way to raise and lower the car simply to avoid fines. The solution was to use hydraulics from old fighter planes left over from World War II. The rapper Kid Frost showcased lowriding in the early 90s hit Lowrider, and since then, the cars are closely associated with hip hop culture. Today, lowriding is bigger than ever with thousands of enthusiasts in most parts of the world. All strive to outdo each other with the most elegant varnish, interior, hydraulics, chrome and rims. The custom cars you'll be coloring in the Lowrider Coloring Book were converted by some of the best and most legendary enthusiasts. What color is your Impala?

Oscar Nilsson has been combining his interest in cars and drawing since he was a boy. In the early 90s, he and his friends were bumpin' West Coast G-Funk on their ghetto blasters, sporting khakis, Chuck Taylors and Locs. Skaters, graffiti writers and street kids up to no good. All of this inspired him to travel from Stockholm to Los Angeles and buy his own Chevy Impala. Since then, his interest has done nothing but grow, and he visits LA every year to keep in touch with the place where lowriding grew to be what it is today. Oscar Nilsson is an illustrator and graffiti writer.