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HI-FRUCTOSE #37 Magazine

From Attaboy, Annie Owens, and Yumfactory, Hi-Fructose showcases an eclectic mix of underground artists, pop surrealists, emerging and rediscovered counter cultures, and awe-inspiring spectacles from around the world. The best that New Contemporary Art has to offer.

Hi Fructose #37 features: A cover story on Jean-Pierre Roy; the colorful murals and art of Jet Martinez; narrative painter Mia Araujo; Andy Paiko’s ornate kinetic glass sculptures; Seamus Conley’s mood orienting paintings; stenciled street art from Logan Hicks; the drawings of Ryan Salge; a retrospective story on the murals of Kent Twitchell; and an in-depth article on photographer Blake Little’s controversial honey-covered “Preservation” series. Plus reviews for Last Gasp's new George Barris monograph; Daniel Clowes and the new Eightball Collection, and much more!

Also, we’re thrilled to present this issue’s special 16-page insert section featuring Kate MacDowell’s beautifully strange porcelain sculptures!

Cover by Jean-Pierre Roy.