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Graffiti drawn on half-naked girls! Fetish Bubblegirls presents the work of internationally recognized graffiti artist Tilt (part of the all-star French artists’ collective “Le Club”) in an unabashedly colorful, playful volume. One could argue for a strong parallel between classic graffiti writing’s bubbly, curvaceous shapes and the female form. The French born graf writer obsessively explores these tensions and parallels in Fetish Bubblegirls as he explores the world in search of beautiful young “canvases” on which to execute his art. Although this mission straddles the globe, there is a common thread that emerges as the most striking detail of the project — the openness and balance between innocence, playfulness, sexuality, and the highly charged environment that all of the models inhabit. Lots of partial nudity, no full frontal nudity. Color.