DE NADA The Art Of Jeral Tidwell Book

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DeNada showcases the amazing talent of artist extraordinaire Jeral Tidwell. His work has been featured on everything from skate decks to video games, concert posters to radiators. His unique blend of hot-rod, pop art, tattoo, pin stripe, Kentucky Fried style is unmistakable and on display in this full color tour de force!

“Over the years, Jeral has taken traditional symbols...hearts, banners, engines, skulls, daggers and fused them with his own inner sense of organic flair into ever increasing and ever flowing images that now successfully incorporate the various worlds of graffiti art, tattooing, pin striping, illustration, pop art, psychedelia and countless others into a seamless perfect blend of the whole, while utilizing every single discipline of the plastic it drawing, printing, painting, airbrushing and sculpture.” - Frank Kozik

Born in 1969 in So Cal but raised in Louisiana on a box of crayons and a cheap roll of butcher paper, Tidwell honed his art through encouragement in high school. His pro art career started in 1988 as an air brush artist in a mall in his small hometown. After years of this, he moved into graphic design and illustration. He's shown in galleries all over the globe, in books, magazines, hot rods, tattoos, skateboards and porn. Growing up in the early seventies and eighties there was no shortage of artists from whom to 'steal' ideas from...Jim Phillips, Derek Riggs, and Ed Roth. From the nineties his influeces shifted to Robert williams, Todd Schorr, Alphonse Mucha, and Frank Kozik. 'My next thing needs to be my best thing.'