Somos Gallery


Known as “Toast” in graffiti circles and “Atalier” in graphic design circles, Ata Bozaci is recognized as an artist, draftsman, illustrator, and graffiti artist. This Swiss-based dynamo is also known as one of the pioneers of three dimensional graffiti art. The link between these different artistic or design modes is a pictorial language that is based on the reduction of images and ideas to the essential — black ink on white surfaces. In order to preserve the character of his work and to create an object that is more than just a direct documentation of his work, the book was constructed with paper stock similar to that of his sketchbooks and all of his work printed exclusively using black ink on white paper. The Graffiti section focuses on Styles & Characters, 3-D Styles and Living Letters. The Sketches section is divided into the categories Animals and People. And the last section, Illustrations, is devoted to Portraits and the commercial “Grafics” work that appears under the label Atalier. Big, hardcover, b&w.