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by Yumiko Kayukawa

124 pages

ISBN-10: 097663256X

ISBN-13: 9780976632566

Publisher: 9mm Books

A robust portfolio of Yumiko Kayukawa’s illustration-style paintings. Wild Kingdom covers her art from the year 2001 through 2005, arranged into chapters by animal type rather than chronological order, and the book reflects both her crisp elegant style and her sense of lighthearted humor. It provides us with faithful Pantone Ink reproductions of her acrylic “candy coated” colors, with correct painting aspect ratios laid out on high quality paper, and both the Japanese and English versions of her titles. Forward by Shag; introduction by Niagara. Hardcover.

“I like Yumikos’ work so much because she strives for many of the qualities I’ve tried to put into my own work.” -Shag. “With a hand-picked bouquet of imagery drawn from traditional Japanese aesthetics, pop culture, and her own whimsy, the artist parts the clouds to reveal a candy-colored cosmos that is as sweet and fanciful as it is sophisticated and provocative.” -Juxtapoz.