Somos Gallery


A collaboration between fine-artist Dalek and HAZE XXL. Dalek, aka James Marshall, is one of the most exciting artists from the burgeoning Brooklyn art scene, who honed his skills assisting Takashi Murakami. Dalek’s three books of collected work show a precision influenced by the computer graphic explosion, but performing these feats by hand. This project includes 10 short animated films featuring the appealingly disturbed Space Monkey character of Dalek’s creation, plus a 48 page hardcover book. Accompanying these shorts is all new original music from HAZE XXL (Tom Hazelmyer), former muckity-muck of 90’s underground noise terrorists Amphetamine Reptile Records, on a 30-song soundtrack. The “Purge of Dissidents” animation was intentionally kept stilted and 2 dimensional in the spirit of Dalek’s fine art work; yet with a clean, ultra-tight precision that belies his internship under Takashi Murakami. Not simply a CD with extravagant packaging, nor a book with some bonus materials, but a project in which the sum is greater than the parts.