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femmefatale3[Description] Friday March 1st - 7pm! Somos Media & Gallery We would like to extend an invitation to our third Annual - Femme Fatale - All Female Art Exhibition. Will feature an eclectic night of Illustrators, Graphic Designers, Photographers, Tattoo Artists, Urban, and Pop Surrealist Artists. Artists: Yoko-d’Holbachie Alice Koswara Lisa Pisa Anya R. Toney Corinne Butcher Venetta Butcher Caitlin Reclusado Kristina Santiago Kimlynh E. Chun Stephanie Allision Little Jenny Chrissy Summers Amanda Payne ... Music: Burnt Palms - Treats by: Gorgeous Gari & Charlie

Written by 11979923 — August 18, 2014

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