Cupcake Battle Contestant Rules

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Hello Cupcake Battlers!!!! If you would like to be a contestant in our contest? The event will be held at SOMOS. Contestants must bring a dozen cupcakes between 5:30pm 6:00pm the day of contest. Judging will start at 6:00 till 7:30pm. Winners will be announced at 8pm. Invite as many friends to enjoy and to vote in the People's Choice area. (hopefully no friends or family with bad attitudes) Prizes will given in various categories!!!! ----------------------------------------------------------- The requirements: (1) Dozen cupcakes will be be tasted and to be judged. Team or Solo contestants (up to you). Team contestants will be judged more strictly, than solo contestants. -------------------------------------------------------- Cupcakes will be judged and placed in 4 areas. 1. Best Designed (traditional) 2. Best Designed (unique/avant-garde) 3. Best Tasting 4. People's Choice Award Please provide us the following. Bio information: Name of baker or bakers Name of cupcake creation Any interesting facts, training, education or talents related to baking, cooking, culinary, skills Any special type of ingredients: Fat/Crisco, Organic, Peanut Oils, Soy, Dairy, etc (this is just in case tasters have any allergies) ------------------------------------------------------------- NO Hemp, THC, and any other illegal substances allowed in cupcakes!!!! We are encouraging creativity, inventive designs, and tasty flavors. Not hangovers or bad trips. Hopefully this answers any questions. If you have a specific question email me at: **** Also, please subscribe to the blog, by entering your email address on the upper lefthand text box. This way you will be up to date on news or changes with this event + future events. GOOD Luck!!!!! -- somos media 430 salinas street salinas, ca 93901 831 422 9200


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